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The Power of Many … and Frictionless Transactions

30 Sep

Information architect Sean Tevis is running for the state house in Kansas. He has no political experience, just a died-in-the-wool idealism. He launched an online fundraising campaign on 16 July. Here’s his 13 August report:

By using the ability to collaborate online, connect with an audience, and communicate in a way that, say, mailing a brochure simply can’t, we were able to break the record for the most number of donors to a State Representative campaign in Kansas. Almost all of these donations were less than $10. Almost 50 donations were $1 each from people who know that we need real change, but they’ve been hit too hard by the economy to afford more.

We raised more money from more local donors than my three-term incumbent opponent. It means, too, that I have no strings attached to my funding because it’s not money from lobbyists or special interest groups. Hundreds of friends emailed me when they sent in a small donation. Mike said, “I have not had a job in sixteen months. Eight bucks and change will still move my old Ford Explorer about 40 miles if I drive real carefully. And I’ll be glad to avoid some driving so that your voice is heard in Topeka – LOUDLY, please!”

More from NPR (tip).

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More Twitter On Politics News

26 Sep will incorporate Tweets into its debate coverage tonight. To get into the pool, use the hashtag #current.

Twitter is the latest hot tool in TV, being featured on CNN (Rick Sanchez) and C-SPAN.

The Twitter Debate Response

25 Sep

Jeremiah Owyang has a system for folks on Twitter to score the presidential debates, in real time. It seems it worked for SuperBowl ads in January.

Mark your Tweets with the hashtag #tweetdebate. Here’s the scoring guide:

-3 for a personal attack
-2 for a false statement
-1 for avoiding the issue, or not answering the question
+1 for a successful assertion
+2 for a successful counterpoint to opponents assertion
+3 Quotable sound bite

Old-Fashioned Campaigning: Letters To The Editor

24 Sep

Salon has a first-hand account from Margriet Osstveen on how she ghost-wrote letters-to-the-editor for McCain supporters to endorse and send to local papers. Salon says she’s volunteered and written about her time with the Obama campaign as well. It’d be nice to see that post in English, too. (Her posts are published in Dutch in RC Handelsblad, where Osstveen writes a weekly column.)

Course Description

19 Sep

COM 597 (Special Topics): Digital Democracy (5 credits).

Instructor: Kathy Gill. Tuesdays, 6-10, Sept. 30 – Dec. 2.

This course examines how open, distributed, decentralized digital networks are affecting the dynamics of power in politics and society, including political journalism, in the United States. This seminar-style course will focus on the November 2008 presidential election as well as recent digital issue campaigns. Readings will draw from political science, sociology and communications.