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Week 9 – The Role Of Money In Elections

25 Nov

Historically, political campaigns (elections or advocacy) have been financed primarily through large-ish donations from a small number of people. How are digital technologies changing this equation? How much do these campaigns cost (budgets)? And what is the role of money in election campaigns. Continue reading


Week 8 – What Next For Political Journalism?

18 Nov

One of the democratic institutions under great financial stress due to digital technologies is journalism. What might the future of political journalism look like? How do citizen journalists develop the “credibility” needed to have access “to power”?

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Week 7 – eGovernment

11 Nov

How (and why) elected and appointed officials are using digital technologies to communicate with the electorate. What does this mean for citizens and public officials? What about the digital divide and other marginalized populations? Specifically, how has Washington employed these technologies to enhance citizen deliberation?
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Young Republicans Launch Rebuilding Effort; RNC Responds

11 Nov is an effort by under-40 Republicans to take control of the direction of the G.O.P. An effort of Patrick Ruffini (and others) that was launched last week, the plan includes goals like “40 under 40” to infuse life into the party: “at least 40% of our challenger and open seat candidates for Congress are under 40.”

In response, the GOP launched to solicit input that feels very, umm, one-way. One site is in-your-face slick and the other is approachable. Guess which is which? Right.

The younger group tips its hat to the Obama campaign and demonstrates that it understands that digital communication technologies have fundamentally changed how political parties and their members and supporters interact:

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Obama: Headlines From Around The World

6 Nov

A mash up from the Newseum and Amazon Web Services yields this webpage with images from the front pages of 700 newspapers from around the world, trumpeting Obama’s win.

Click on any newspaper image and you’ll be able to read that front page. Be patient — the site is getting a lot of traffic!

Campaigns In A Web 2.0 World

3 Nov

The NYT Times: “Not since 1960, when John F. Kennedy won in part because of the increasingly popular medium of television, has changing technology had such an impact on the political campaigns and the organizations covering them.”