About This Seminar

This seminar is part of the University of Washington’s Master of Communication in Digital Media program. Learn more about my classes at my faculty site or my personal blog.

COM 597: Digital Democracy (5 credits)
Autumn 2010: 4 October – 6 December
Class Time/Place: Monday, 6-10 p.m., Savery 130 (campus map)
Office Hours: 5 pm Mondays or by appointment

Email: kegill at uw.edu :: @kegill :: Facebook :: LinkedIn

For Speakers

  • You’ll need a permit to park on campus; check your email, FB or Twitter account for the magic phrase to tell the parking kiosk attendants for free parking.
  • The class runs from 6.00 to 10.00. Guest speakers  are usually scheduled from 6.10 – 7.00(ish) with questions*. You are welcome to hang around as long as you like — but we may put you to work. :-)
  • The classroom has a PC workstation with internet connectivity and “audio out.” Or you can bring your own laptop; our laptop station has a standard VGA input (warning for Mac folks – please remember your adapter!).
  • We may be recording the session unless you prefer that we not.
  • We will be live-tweeting the session unless you prefer that we not.
  • I suggest some prepared remarks (with or without slides) followed by discussion.Please focus your opening comments succinctly on the following points.
    (1) We are especially interested in how/why your organizations are using digital tools for communication and mobilizing constituencies — and lessons learned.
    (2) We’re also looking for your thoughts on “best practices.”

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