Week 3 – Digital Electioneering

18 Oct

An ambitious task for the evening:
A historical and quasi-contemporary look at campaign use of technology, beginning with radio debates,  moving on to the Kennedy-Nixon debates, and closing with the first campaign-oriented websites (1990s). Examine communication that is top-down as well as bottom-up.


  • Overview/Housekeeping
  • Lecture: From Print Political Culture To Electronic: How We Got Here
  • General/Reading Discussion
  • Roll Up Our Sleeves: Project Work

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Week 2 : Political Systems

11 Oct


  • Introductory Lecture/Discussion
  • Break: ~ 7 pm
  • Guest Speaker: Alex Howard (@digiphile) Gov 2.0 Correspondent for O’Reilly Media (7.30 pm via Skype)
  • Going Forward: discussion leaders, project

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That Anti-Clinton 1984 Ad

4 Oct

In 2007, Phil de Vellis, an employee of consulting firm Blue State Digital (created by former members of Howard Dean’s internet team), reportedly mashed up the classic Apple 1984 ad, substituting Hillary Clinton for Big Brother (or Big Blue, depending on your point of view). YouTube user ParkRidge47 posted the ad to YouTube on 5 March 2007.

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Week 1: Introduction

4 Oct

We’ll talk to one another, go over the proposed schedule and syllabus, talk about the class project, set up blogs (if needed).

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I-1048: For and Against

29 Sep

From @TechFlash: Bill Gates Sr, Case For #I1048: http://bit.ly/b0zXo1 – Matt McIllwain, against: http://bit.ly/93l1n5 #2010election – @kegill

Great resource.

Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert Smack Down

24 Sep

The date: Saturday October 30th
The event: A Rally to Restore Sanity and another March To Keep Fear Alive.
The place: The mall, Washington, DC

Would you go?

2010 U.S. Election Ratings

23 Sep

Google has again produced a map showing forecasts for the fall election; default view is the U.S. Senate race but you can also check U.S. House and gubernatorial contests. There are data from CQ Politics, Cook Political Report, RealClearPolitics and Rothenberg.